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Hi, my name is Victoria Diaz,

I started my floral journey when I was a stay-at home mother. I found my calling in the petals and stems that grace our world. When I surrendered my life to Christ, I asked God for something to call my own and He answered with the gift of floral design. With no prior experience, I embarked on this journey while raising my toddlers, discovering a passion for whimsical modern arrangements that filled my days with joy and purpose.

Driven by the desire to share this newfound love, I soon took the leap to start my own business, uplifted by the support of many who believed in me. Every arrangement I create is infused with the love and dedication that blossomed within me, nurtured by my faith and fueled by the unwavering support of my community.

At Saffron Crocus, I pour my heart into every design, sourcing only the highest quality flowers to ensure that each creation is a testament to the beauty and abundance of nature. It's an honor to express my love for flowers through my work with the help from my Father above. I am truly grateful for every client who entrusts me with their floral visions. Together, let's design a world of beauty, one bloom at a time.

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